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Assembly Benches

Assembly Benches

Standalone assembly benches, though simple, can be the most suitable choice in some assembly processes. The benefits of assembly benches include:

Assembly Benches
  • PC or PLC controlled
  • Poka-yoke tooling
  • interchangeable tooling
  • benches can be linked together via Ethernet for controlled assembly or each bench can report back to a central control system
  • operator prompts include pictures/graphics
  • flexible design to accommodate different customers’ requirements

For processes requiring operator input, manufacturing assembly line benches provide a supportive and practical solution to their production line. With a vast range of assembly benches to suit different customers and applications, our years of experience have allowed us to create bespoke solutions to make hundreds of production lines run smoothly and in an efficient, reliable fashion. From simple press stations to manual assembly stations, ALPHR are capable of producing just what your production line needs.

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