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Cognex are a leading provider of PC based and stand-alone vision systems; systems that ALPHR have years of experience working with. Here are some of the services Cognex has to offer:

Application Development and Systems Integration

  • VisionPro jumpstarts application development using the QuickBuild application, resulting in considerable savings in development time.
  • Load the QuickBuild prototype into your Microsoft Visual Studio to augment and customise your application solution.
  • Utilise the full power of VB.NET, C, Visual Basic or Visual C++ to implement detailed application logic, database interactions, define additional I/O and communications, and issue user messages.
  • Seamlessly integrate control applications for the entire machine such as robotic control, I/O and factory communications.
  • Readily incorporated third-party utilities, such as charting functions.
  • Customise your own operator interface using the built-in vision tool controls and interface generator.

VisionPro Architecture Advances

  • Quick validation or runtime performance without programming
  • Customisable vision control tools
  • Choice of programming in the vision tools controls layer, or the programmatic layer
  • Seamless integration of third-party tools

Vision System Training

  • ALPHR can provide vision system training courses for all Cognex Vision Systems; another benefit offered thanks to our close working partnership with this company.
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