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Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing

At ALPHR Technology, we are the proud providers of a number of innovative electrical testing solutions, tailored to our customers’ individual needs. Our years of experience, coupled with our in-house facilities, have allowed us to build up a strong knowledge of this field, working in favour of our ever-improving reputation for excellence. Our work allows for the integration of a wide variety of proprietary equipment into systems, such as oscilloscopes, DMMs, RF generators, audio analysers to laser scribes and robotic handling systems.

We have provided solutions for products such as car radios, in-car entertainment systems, satellite navigation systems, ECUs, instrument clusters and domestic boiler control boards. In designing and creating these solutions, we have used a number of industrial standard communication protocols, including:

  • CAN
  • LIN
  • RS232
  • RS458
  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth
  • USB

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