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Flow Measurement

During the test and assembly processes for a number of products, checking the flow rate through a pipe or bore for blockages and inclusions is important. ALPHR have produced many test and assembly machines for a variety of companies. Some of the products tested by these machines have included:

  • Domestic boilers
  • Fuel lines
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Castings
  • Medical devices
  • Solenoids and valves

Tests involving the testing of air, gas and fluid flow rates have been carried out on these products. These tests have included:

  • Gas flow rates
  • Case leak tests
  • Combustion chamber checks
  • Blockage checks
  • Flow rates through a solenoid
  • Flow rates through medical drug delivery systems
  • Flow rates of fuel pumps and fuel lines

Whether integrating standalone flow testing equipment from suppliers including ATEQ and Furness Controls, or developing flow test systems based on mass flow devices and placing them into our software/PLC-based systems, at ALPHR we use our expertise and knowledge to design and adapt our systems to suit the requirements of each individual customer.

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