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In-car buttons, keypads & rotary knob testing

In Car Buttons Keypads Rotary Knob Testing

In-car buttons, rotary knobs and keypads have moved on a bit, and are no longer just a simple on/off operation. Their buttons are now often touch sensitive or have multiple axis of movement offering multiple functionality. Whether to control the air conditioning, change the radio station, access a phone or interact with the car via the steering wheel, these devices are the user interface of the vehicle.

Being key components, they need testing prior to assembly within the vehicle and that’s where ALPHR's skills in end-of-line testing have proven invaluable. From simple pneumatic button actuation to robot-based 'touch sensitive' button testing and rotary knob testing, ALPHR have provided test machines to ensure these devices function perfectly every time.

In Car Buttons Keypads Rotary Knob Testing In Car Buttons Keypads Rotary Knob Testing

Button testing often includes:

  • Button actuation response – continuity or data feedback
  • Dual function button testing
  • Button pressing, button release – with force measurement and distance of travel
  • Button illumination testing – on/off , colour and illumination calibration
  • Communication with module for full function testing

With rotary knobs the key elements that often require testing include:

  • Encoder operation – data
  • Rotation action – controlled rotation
  • Rotation torque – with torque measurement
  • Measuring peak and trough torque values for each 'detent' in a 360 degree, clockwise and anticlockwise rotation with torque as low as 1 Nm possible
  • Rotary knob button actuation – continuity or data

A number of these devices include LED or illuminated displays, another area where ALPHR, with many years experience in Vision and display panel testing, can offer tailored testing solutions.

Whether as a stand alone test station or a rotary test machine, our experience in testing climate control devices, in-car entertainment controls, door switches, steering wheels, radios and illuminated panels offers a wide range of testing methods to suit our customers production requirements.

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