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Laser Marking & Cutting

Laser Marking & Cutting Laser Marking & Cutting

The production of machines which require part marking components is something we at ALPHR are experts in. Laser marking is a clean and quick solution to part marking, which generates far less noise than traditional engraving systems, making them an attractive alternative. On top of this clean and quick process, and the reduction in noise, the benefits of laser marking equipment includes:

  • clear, readable markings of alphanumeric, 1D and 2D barcodes and graphics
  • low maintenance
  • easily programmable for changes and future variants
Laser Marking & Cutting

Laser cutting equipment is another system ALPHR can integrate into production lines. A fast, efficient and dust-free alternative to traditional cutting methods, like laser marking, laser cutting is a virtually silent process. Laser cutting systems to suit all shapes and configurations with minimum setup time are readily available for customers, with our experience coming from designing this equipment for a variety of different products. Complete laser cutting systems designed here at ALPHR include de-stacking, auto loading, waste handling and finally transfer to process, making them a realistic alternative to traditional cutting machinery.

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