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Traditionally, boilers have been inspected manually, which has left much more room for human error, something Ideal Heating, a UK-based heating appliance manufacturer, wished to eradicate when they contacted ALPHR Technology to create an automated testing and inspection line. They supply a wide range of boilers, controls and renewable energy heating solutions and, with over 100 years of experience, they are constantly looking at ways to improve their production processes. Reinventing the inspection and testing lines is one of the best ways to achieve this as high quality testing systems can dramatically reduce errors and, as such, greatly increase productivity.

As professionals within the production line assembly, testing and inspection industry, the team here at ALPHR have a wealth of experience implementing innovative inspection lines tailored to the needs of the customer, and this challenge was no different.

A ‘zero defects forward’ approach…

Diverting from the old method of boiler production, whereby products are inspected for defects once fully assembled, the teams at ALPHR and Ideal Heating took a ‘zero defects forward’ approach. This means errors would be identified and, usually, corrected at each stage of production.

This method is much more efficient as correcting a defect at each individual stage is often a lot quicker, easier and more cost-effective than doing so at the end. Additionally, as it identifies errors much earlier in the process, no time is wasted completing a product already defunct.

For more information on the Ideal Heating vision system, read our article on the Vision Systems blog. Or to enquire about our testing and inspection lines in regards to your own products, please contact the professional team at ALPHR today.

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