ALPHR go to Stuttgart for the Motek International Trade Fair

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This October, ALPHR Technology visited Germany in order to attend the annual Motek event in Stuttgart. The event, now in its 31st year, is an international trade fair for assembly, handling technology and automation equipment. It is the world’s leading such event and is renowned throughout the fields of production and assembly automation.

The trade fair focuses on all aspects of mechanical engineering and automation and, as an exhibition of suppliers, is a fantastic opportunity for ALPHR to see existing technologies and new innovations which could be of use on their machines.

Representatives from ALPHR flew out to Stuttgart – Kalli Basra, the Managing Director, Zoltán Zemliczki, their European Sales Engineer, and Paul Bridgwater, ALPHR’s Sales Manager – and the team of three spent a couple of days exploring the Motek exhibition centre in detail.

The exhibition area itself was over 60,000 square feet in size and showcased approximately 1,000 exhibitors, attracting around 37,000 specialist visitors. Some of ALPHR’s larger existing suppliers were present, including Bosch Rexroth, Keyence, Festo, Desoutter, Mitsubishi and Siemens and areas of particular interest for the ALPHR team were robotics, laser marking, control systems and linear motion systems.

One of the key aspects of the event is being able to see an extensive range of suppliers in one place and at one time. As automation is an incredibly technology driven industry, its success relies heavily on continual growth, development and innovation. Therefore, ALPHR have a commitment to ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest technological advances and events, such as Motek, giving ALPHR the opportunity to see a host of existing and prospective suppliers along with their most recent products, something which is otherwise normally very hard to achieve.

For example: Keyence, one of ALPHR’s existing suppliers, demonstrated a piece of equipment which one of ALPHR’s customers has asked to be integrated into their machinery. Being able to see the machinery in use and displaying similar functions to that of ALPHR’s intended purpose, was incredibly useful, and, as a piece of equipment costing in excess of £10,000, was an excellent opportunity for the team.

Another highlight of the day was Kalli Basra managing to get himself a drive in a Formula 1 simulator, which he enjoyed immensely (even if he did spend the majority of his time in it on the grass!). The team also managed to enjoy an evening out in Stuttgart, appreciating how beautiful the city was at night as well as enjoying some rather good local beer!

All in all, the trip was a tremendous success! Since the exhibition, ALPHR have been contacted by a number of suppliers with whom they had spoken in detail at the Motek centre, from which subsequent meetings have been arranged regarding their products. It has also drawn their attention to a number of possible prospective clients, such as Beckhoff Automation, who ALPHR are currently carefully evaluating.

Overall, we think the benefits which can be drawn from the trip are significant and long-term and will not only aid ALPHR as a company but will also enhance the level of service and product quality our customers can expect.

For more information on any of ALPHR Technology’s services, suppliers or innovative equipment, give the professionals a call today!

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