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Omron supply a range of vision inspection systems, servos, PLCs, robots, sensors and safety devices to ALPHR, along with offering us support and sharing with us their wealth of experience. Chosen by ALPHR on account of their varied product range, reliability, support, training and assistance, Omron have now supplied over 100 cameras and associated vision controllers to our company, which previously had never worked in vision inspection.


Omron Robotics

ALPHR have used a variety of Omron PLCs and HMIs, depending on requirements and suitability. The PLCs have been used both for simple controls systems and more complex tasks, such as serial and Ethernet communications, robot control, vision systems, multi-axis servo control, measurement systems, RFID and have included standard I/O as well as Devicenet and Ethercat.


A number of ALPHR’s machines have used servos for rotation, controlled movement, adjustment system, pick and place and positioning measurement sensors. Whether small compact workload units, or large heavy duty servos, the Omron servo/controller combination is proven to be reliable, cost-effective and simple to set up and use, the equipment earning its favourable reputation with ALPHR as it helps to reinforce our reputation for high quality and reliable machines.


Omron Robotics

Omron’s range of Scara robots have been incorporated into many of the machines supplied by ALPHR. With greater accuracy and ease of integration into our machines than the once complex Cartesian based machines, these robots offer a friendlier user interface. Through this reduction in time taken over mechanical assembly, software development and design, these robots have allowed for the creation of machines by ALPHR which are much easier to maintain and service.

The Omron range of robots have been used by ALPHR in systems including part placement, part off-loading, part orientation, robotic vision inspection and multi-point electrical probing. By using the FQ motion range of robot vision hardware, accurate positioning and dedicated ‘target’ position location has led to yet further flexibility.

Vision Inspection

With years of experience working with the Omron range of vision systems such as the FZ system and the standalone FQ vision sensor, ALPHR are now one of the largest suppliers of Omron vision systems in Europe. Further to simply choosing a camera, the success of a vision system and its reliability and repeatability as a process relies heavily on correct lighting, ambient effects and camera positioning.

ALPHR work closely with Omron to carry out trials in order to establish the appropriate overall package for any customer project, selecting the right equipment for any budget and offering significant benefits over more traditional sensing methods. Thanks to this close working relationship, Omron’s considerable involvement in this process has resulted in a 100% success rate on all of their systems supplied by us, ranging from single, self-contained vision sensors to multi-camera controllers offering either embedded or touch screen systems.

ALPHR specialise in industrial PC control systems, and can now offer the seamless integration of Omron PC-based vision inspection software into our systems, allowing for multiple camera solutions to now be realised at realistic, cost-effective prices.

With experience in a wide variety of products from standard resolution to high resolution devices, ALPHR create user specific front ends and write software so that users can get the best from the vision systems. Inspection tasks have included the following, along with many others:

  • part present
  • part orientation
  • screw depth
  • electrical connections
  • OCR
  • relay contact positions
  • dimension and measurement checking
  • gauging systems
  • surface check
  • defect checks
  • robot motion
  • plastic clip detection
  • colour sensing
  • diameter check
  • poka yoke checks
  • height checks
  • packaging checks
Omron Vision Inspection Omron Vision Inspection Omron Vision Inspection Omron Vision Inspection

In a competitive market, differentiating yourself from the competition is key to developing a successful business. Alphr's competence in designing innovative solutions that meet and exceed customer’s expectations, is evident in every machine they build, and without doubt is their differentiating factor. Alphr’s experience and professionalism make them a pleasure to work with. Omron is proud to work in partnership with Alphr Technology and look forward to the continuation of a successful business relationship for many years to come.

Dan Rossek - Omron

For a the full range of Omron products, visit Omron at www.industrial.omron.co.uk

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