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Our Partners

At ALPHR, we believe in building great relationships with all our suppliers, working closely with them to secure the right product for each and every application we work on. Take a look below at the work our partner companies do, and what they do for us.

Omron Logo

One working partner we at ALPHR work closely with is Omron, who supply us with vision inspection systems, servos, PLCs, robots, sensors and safety devices. On top of this, they offer unparalleled levels of support both to ALPHR and our customers. Read More »

Cognex Logo

One of our partner systems integrators, Cognex offer both PC-based and standalone vision systems. With years of experience using Cognex systems, at ALPHR we cannot recommend their services enough. Read More »

Desoutter Logo

Desoutter devise and provide electric and pneumatic tool solutions to cover a vast range of assembly and manufacturing processes in automotive, aeronautics, general industry and light industry sectors. A partner of ALPHR, the company was founded in 1901 and has since provided quality and cutting edge technology in the ergonomic design and cost-efficient manufacturing of industrial, electric and assembly power tools and systems. Read More »

Keyence Logo

The wide range of Keyence products are something that the team at ALPHR have integrated into many of our systems over the years, working extremely closely with this partner company. Read More »

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