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Part Present Vision Checking

Part Present Vision Checking

With experience using a variety of vision sensors from Cognex, Omron and Keyence, ALPHR are able to design equipment not only for simple part present checks, but also checks for orientation, correct loading and additional part inspection. As a crucial stage in both test and assembly processes, vision checking ensures the correct presence of parts in a machine and the deterrence of potential errors through their addressing early on in a sequence; something our team of expert engineers are mindful of with the creation of our quality checking systems.

Aside from seriously reducing mechanics and wiring around a load station, thus making stations more accessible and simple for operators, benefits of vision sensors include:

  • low cost
  • provide a flexible solution to standard sensors
  • simple to integrate into systems
  • reduced mechanical and/or electrical obstructions
  • fast response times
  • more complex part present tests can be carried out
  • help reduce failure rates and thus reduce costs
  • virtually maintenance free
Part Present Vision Checking Part Present Vision Checking

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