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Pointer Placement

Pointer Placement

Here at ALPHR Technology, we are fully versed in manufacturing pointer placement systems for fitting pointers to instrument clusters. With our expertise, we are able to provide the required communication within clusters to allow for pointer positions to be set.

Often powered up at a pointer placement station, communication can be created within the cluster to allow for pointer positions to be set in place; and, in addition, with the cluster powered up, further tests including LED function tests can be carried out simultaneously using the vision system.

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Further to this, pointer placement is crucial in order to obtain correct height measurements which can be taken using LVDTs or laser sensors to micron resolution. The height of the pointer and its correct positioning are both crucial factors in ensuring that the right amount of light is emitted around it. The pointer’s height is checked using various measuring technologies such as laser sensors and the aforementioned LVDTs. Along with the height, the pointer insertion force of the system is monitored using load cells of a high accuracy with vision systems used to measure the correct angle of the pointers.

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