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Pressure Decay Leak Detection Machines

Using pressure decay technology to test for leaks, ALPHR produce a range of pressure decay leak detection machines, working closely with suppliers Furness Controls and ATEQ to provide machines with higher test measurement and subsequent seamless accuracy. Our years of experience providing these solutions, teamed with our extensive portfolio of leak tested parts in industries such as automotive, medical and defence really have gained us a reputation for excellence in this field. Some of the parts we have tested include:

  • injection moulded parts
  • castings
  • headlights
  • inhalers
  • solenoids
  • valves
  • brakes systems
  • fuel systems
  • fuel pumps
  • oil pumps
  • syringes
  • domestic boilers
Pressure Decay Leak Detection Machines

Whatever a system's requirement, ALPHR are able to help design machines ranging from the simplest of stand-alone test benches, to complete assembly lines with multiple leak detection stations.

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