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Rotary Assembly

Rotary Assembly Rotary Assembly

Allowing for the minimum number of operators, rotary assembly machines enable simultaneous assembly and test processes, thus creating an incredibly efficient and reliable production process with no need for multiple, separate cells. Aside from this improved efficiency and streamlining of production, as well as a reduction in operators required, benefits include:

Rotary Assembly

Rotary assembly machines not only allow for the manufacture of parts, but offer the feasibility to test a product at the same machine. Therefore reducing the need for multiple, separate cells. Benefits of a rotary machine include:

  • reduced cycle time
  • small footprint
  • multiple stations available
  • flexible
  • numerous combinations of assembly and test processes are available

There are a variety of processes that effectively use rotary assembly equipment, which exemplifies the flexibility of this method of production. Processes include:

  • leak testing
  • flow testing
  • vision inspection
  • current and voltage tests
  • insertion and insertion force tests
  • bowl feeding
  • sealant application
  • laser marking
  • engraving
  • communications and electrical testing

Rotary assembly equipment can be used to manufacture a variety of products, including:

  • plastic mouldings
  • automotive valves/solenoids
  • domestic boiler heat engines
  • engine manifolds
  • automotive instrument clusters
  • engine ECUs

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