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Stepper Motor Insertion

Stepper Motor Insertion

At ALPHR Technology, we are proud to provide expert stepper motor insertion within systems to ensure the accurate positioning of instrument pointers within their process. Accurate positioning and placement of the stepper motor is critical and has been accomplished using a variety of solution including servo based pick & place systems, stepper motors and robots to achieve this. Vision systems have also been used to assist in the alignment or confirm correct positioning. Each solution is tailor made to suit the customers exact requirements and specifications. Further to this, vision systems can also be used to aid the alignment or, indeed, confirm the correct positioning of the stepper motors.

Production Line Assembly, Test & Inspection Production Line Assembly, Test & Inspection

Here at ALPHR, we are able to offer solutions that are tailor-made to suit our customers’ systems and exact requirements and specifications, ensuring that their systems run as smoothly as possible at all times, which is why our stepper motor machines are second-to-none.

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