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Vision Gauging Systems

Vision Gauging Systems

In order to check for and measure features and marks on products, vision technology is a vital process within manufacturing. Vision gauging systems are a practical and cost-effective mode of high speed, non-contact, multi-point checking system. Tests carried out by us have included:

  • length
  • width
  • diameter
  • bore diameter
  • clearance
  • feature checking
  • position checking
  • checks for marks, dents and scratches

ALPHR have experience using a wide range of optical gauging inspection equipment from various suppliers, and have worked on gauging a number of types of product, including plastic mouldings, fuel rails, metal spacers and metal inserts.

ALPHR have used vision gauging systems on a number of stations and systems, including:

  • assembly benches
  • rotary machines
  • pallet systems
  • robot gauging stations

Our wealth of experience in gauging systems, with vision systems as well as laser sensors, LVDTs and micrometres, allows us to offer customers only the best advice, providing them with the best solutions for their requirements.

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